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2013 Peace Scholarship Chloe St. Arbor with niece, Marla St. Arbor, Clinton Jesser and Jack Reich Ardent supporter Joan Lawrence, Cele Meyer (back) and Les Girls in front Bob A., Walter Hale, Wesley Strand, Nate Jesser, Stanley Campbell Cele Meyer and Rosa Campos Dr. Howard Solomon, our popular guitarist - and Steve Kapitan, our coordinator Former Network Coordinators Maylan Dunn-Kenney, Dan Kenney, and Jim Luebke Honoring Picnic Hosts John and Ginny Omerod, on the occasion of her Retirement from Counseling at DeKalb Middle School Our founder, Cele Meyer, presenting Appreciation check and certificate to Derrick Smith our honored appreciation recipient Derrick Smith to his right, Nate Jesser and our Host John Omerod

Photos from Annual Meeting and Picnic, 2014