Some of the things we do…

Weekly Peace Vigil, Every Friday 5 – 6 pm, N-E corner of Lincoln Highway and First Street. Join us at any time! At 6 pm, we circle briefly for announcements and updates on local peace and justice activities.

Vigil 7-12-13

Hiroshima Commemoration, August 6, 2014 at 12:15 PM, Kishwaukee River at NIU

Covered by DeKalb Chronicle

hiroshima bridge

Study and Action.   The Interfaith Network is reading Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow: of the Network are working in our community to learn more about the effects of mass incarceration and to take action.

3 women

Videos of this March 20, 2014 event are now available:

Speakers and forums have included (see Events Page for more info on the speakers)

  • Three women who stand for peace (Media Benjamin, Kathy Kelly, Ann Wright)
  • Human rights in Sri Lanka
  • Memorial Day parade, witnessing to those who have died from Illinois
  • David Kraft speaking on nuclear power
  • Kathy Kelly program on Palestine
  • Conversations with DeKalb mayoral candidates on the topics of interfaith, peace, justice, and network

Scholarships for graduating DeKalb High School seniors